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Privacy Policy

We sincerely announce the terms and conditions of the following privacy policy to show respect for the privacy of all visitors to this website. We are convinced that all visitors can enjoy the benefits of the free flow of the information that is accessed and applied in a responsible manner.

Collection, Use, Disclosure and Selection
You don't need to register with this page before using it. However, if you choose to enter personal information in the "Contact Us" section of this website, we will contact you and would like to invite you to participate in certain special events for selling and promotion of our products and services, or other marketing events.

The data provided may include, but not limited to, the name, current position, company name, address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers of the visitors.

We will not sell any personal data that is given to a third party for profit, and promise to use any personal data that is given to a third party under the terms of this privacy policy.

Personal data may be disclosed under certain circumstances, including disclosure to law enforcement agencies, the Government or its agents or third parties to meet such statutory requirements, obligations, requirements or technical requirements in maintaining the website.

When a person voluntarily provides information on this website,he or she is considered to be in full agreement with the terms set out in this privacy policy.

Correction and retention of data
The company will only retain the data provided by visitors to provide services for them. If the browser needs to update or cancel any information he / she has registered on this website, please notify the company in writing about his / her exact request.

This privacy policy is not written for minors. The company has not specially collected or retained the information of minors, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors under the free environment of the Internet.

Change the privacy clause
The company reserves the absolute right to make adjustments or changes to these privacy policies at any time and in need.