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Industry upgrading in trillion scale

Trillion Gold Jewelry Industry has Become the New Favorite in Investment Circle

With the rise of consumer groups of post-80s/90s, overall upgrading of industry consumption and diversified gold and jewelry consumption, the industry is expected to hit a turnover of more than RMB one trillion in 2025. 

New Retail + Shared Economic Outlet

It's right time now to enter the industry which is less concentrated.

New Models and outlets are providing opportunities for rapid business growth of the industry.

As the gold and jewelry industry has been highly dispersed in the past 10 years without monopoly brands, the new model of KINGONE  has a great potential to lead the market trend. 

As the new retailing and sharing economy are all the rage, KINGONE Culture's model of online and offline combination + shared jewelry has provided new opportunity for investment in the market.

Full industrial chain resources

A full industrial chain in the industry including R & D, design, manufacturing and terminal retailing.

Lead a team of more than 300 designers led by top designers in China to develop the bestsellers in the market. 

Beijing Olympic Games

Key Medal Designer

Guangzhou Asian Games Emblem designer

Jewelry Design Education in China Union convener

Background of a A-share listed company

Top design team

Great company with great
potential of development

The industry benchmark is built by its strength honed in the past 10 years.

A famed company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with a registered capital of RMB835 million and a brand worth RMB10 billion in market value. 

Strong cooperative resources

In 2010 Supplier of precious metals for Guangzhou Asian Games.

Leading member company and honor receiver in the industry

Gold promotion resources

Spending hundreds of millionsin brand promotion by CCTV, Satellite TV, sports events, APP, streaming media and other all-round promotion resources. 

In 2011 Franchised manufacturer of precious metals for Shenzhen 2011 The 26th Summer Universiade.

More than 30 banking channels and postal platforms throughout the country 

In 2008 Franchised distributor of precious metal products for Beijing Olympic Games.

Qualification of franchising for large sports events

In 2010 Outstanding franchised retailer for Shanghai World Expo.

A variety of quality brand products

Product launch attracts much attention and satisfies all consumption scenarios.

One-stop shopping

New model and good operation

Less investment, more efficiency, more revenue 

Urban partners

To reduce investment in light assets in principle

To support by means of product + benefit + training + system

To link by social networking To develop by proliferation fission

Efficient intelligent outlet system

Intelligent identification of customers, collecting customer information, holding customer information

Continuous inflow of profit from five channels

Retail, distribution, wholesale and purchase share 5 channels to enable high-speed product turnover

New retailing modeLess inventory

Off-line display, on-line ordering, less inventory

Powerful brand promotion  

Massive customer resources

Professional system training  

Several high subsides

Multiple operation plans

Unified store image

Regional operation authority

On-site market supervision

Full-range after-sales service

End-of-year dividend distribution

Providing resources and platform

Ten major supportive policies to help you make profit 

Nationwide terminal stores

Covering 186 citiesfrom 28 provinces


Next 10 years

Investing in gold and jewelry for steady hedging


Moreover, to help you

Make more achievements in your business development

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